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TIME magazine FAT 06 2014


It Start With Food LIST


Practical Paleo_Guide to Paleo Foods

Food-Matrix Robb Wolf



Smarter Science of Slim Grocery-List

Just Eat Real Food 30-Food-List

Low Carb Med Diet diabetes LCMD_Grocery_Shopping_List_Oct_2010

Dr Weil Anti Inflammatory Diet

Physicians Guide To Atkins Eric Westman 10 2012 




Eat to Your Meter 03 27 2015

65 Names for Hidden Sugar



Nutrition Data – enter any food and see it’s nutrition label, macronutrient profile, and glycemic load.

Soaking Grains/Legumes – proper preparation tips if you choose to eat legumes.

Whole Grain Quiz – notice most are NOT whole grains and a number of the ones that are contain large amounts of added sugar. If you choose to eat “whole grains” choose wisely.

Authority Nutrition Food Database

Eat to Beat Cancer Food List


SEAFOOD LINKS:  Here are some guides to help you choice the best seafood.  Look for a variety, but ideally go for the smallest fish (they accumulate less toxins than larger, older fish) that are highest in Omega 3’s.  (sardines)


Books authors

This will be an ever growing list of scientists, physicians, researchers and real people who are on the leading edge of the REAL FOOD movement…

(yes, I’ve literally read all but two or three of these books…)

Mark Sisson – Primal Blue Print and Mark’s Daily Apple .com – a great primer if you’re interested in learning about Paleo/Primal and one of my most recommended websites.

Ron Rosedale – Rosedale Diet.  Dr. Rosedale is one of my absolute favorites.  No nonsense, solid information. His ideas are constantly and consistently being validated by the modern science.

Gary Taubes – Good Calories, Bad Calories.  Why We Get Fat.  Two of the best books questioning the conventional wisdom.

Teicholz, Nina – The Big Fat Surprise.

William Davis – Wheat Belly. Well known cardiologists. Very good book.  Tons of info on his website.  Wheat Belly Total Health.

Robert Lustig – Fat Chance. Sugar the Bitter Truth. Well known pediatric endocrinologist. Very good book.

Tom Naughton – Fat Head Movie. Check out the links on my “Basics” page.

Loren Cordain – The Paleo Answer. One of, if not the father of the modern Paleo diet.

Arthur Devany – New Evolution Diet. One of the fathers of Paleo.

Walls, Terry – The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS

Robb Wolf – Paleo Solution. One of the current thought leaders.  A bit outdated.

Eric Westman – The New Atkins for a New You. Atkins with the proper focus on food quality.

Jonathan Bailor – The Calorie Myth, Smarter Science of Slim. A very accessible work that sites thousands of studies.

Melissa Hartwig – It Starts with Food. One of my favorite books to recommend.

Catherine Shanahan – Food Rules. Deep Nutrition. Solid scientific and epigenetics info.

Chris Kresser – Your Personal Paleo Code. Well thought out and and science based.

Jimmy Moore – Cholesterol Clarity. A solid book explaining the ins and outs of lab testing. Google his podcast for an ongoing list of high profile interviews and education. Keto Clarity.

Denise Minger – Raw food SOS blog, Death By Food Pyramid.

Paul Jaminet – Perfect Health Diet. Solid science behind a solid real food diet.

Diane Sanfilipo – Practical Paleo. Very straightforward and accessible Paleo book. Many meal plans.

Mira Calton – Rich Food Poor Food. Helps you choose the healthiest foods at the grocery store.

Steven Gundry – Diet Evolution. Hopefully he will have a new book coming out some day.

Jeff Volek & Steven Phinney – The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living

Johnny Bowden – 150 Healthiest Foods.  Cholesterol Myth.

Michael Polan – In Defense of Food

Sean Croxton – The Dark Side of Fat Loss

David Perlmutter – Grain Brain.  A seminal work on carbohydrates and brain health. Accessible. Highly recommended.  Brain Maker.

Servan-Schrieber – Anticancer: A New Way of Life. Read these last two books for cancer prevention ideas.

Rebecca Katz – The Cancer-Fighting Cookbook.

Richard Beliveau – Foods to Fight Cancer

Spritzler, Franziska – The Low Carb Dietician’s Guide to Health

Champ, Colin – Misguided Medicine

Cohen, Suzy – Drug Muggers

Zot, Cristian – Ketone Power

Simmonds, A – Principia Ketogenica

Robinson, Jo – Eating on the Wild Side

Puma, John – Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine

Nichols, Lily – Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

Nikoley, Richard – Free the Animal

Durant, John – The Paleo Manifesto

JJ Virgin – Sugar Impact Diet

Houston, Mark – What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease

Wolfe, Liz – Eat the Yolks




Jenny Ruhl’s – bloodsugar101 blog a solid site for practical information for patients with Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes.  Instead of rehashing what Jenny does so well explaining, I’ll just direct you to here website. Even if you just know someone with diabetes you owe it to yourself to learn what’s on this website.  (I disagree with some of her conclusions on some medications, but ovreall her site is very helpful and practical.)

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. Authored by a physician who’s lived with diabetes for over 60 years!  If you have any doubt that a low carb diet for diabetes works, check out his work and his personal story.






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