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Evidence is conflicting, but from a historical perspective it’s doubtful that humans ate full meals 3-4 times a day or had  unlimited access to snacks.  The idea that diabetics must eat 4-6 small meals daily is borne out of 50 year old advice for insulin-dependent diabetics with no means to monitor home blood sugars.  Today, a majority of oral and some injectable medications do NOT cause hypoglycemia and the risks with modern basil insulins is lower.  The idea that a diabetic must prevent a side effect of a medication to counter act (raise blood sugar) the exact objective you are trying to acheive with the treatment (insulin) is, at best, backwards thinking.


Science both Pro and Con for fasting, breakfast, no breakfast, meal composition, etc.


(-) A high protein breakfast induces greater insulin responses to a subsequent lunch meal in T2DM

(-) Fasting until noon triggers increased postprandial hyperglycemia after lunch and dinner in T2DM

(+) A comparison of a carbohydrate free diet vs fasting on plasma glucose in T2DM

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